Granite Catalogue 2020

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Changing Preference of consumers on Granite surfaces

Black and White beautiful sight. The old saying was true on Granite surfaces, especially on counter tops. Golden colour made a strong come back amidst a week supply.I will try to explain the customer preference in recent time with our own experience

Absolute Black :- Even in Demand . But supply side contraint limited the availability of famous PP$ -Panchapalli slabs. Only one quarry is running among 7-8 quarries which were operating prior to 2017 February.

Search for best alternative continues. reopening of few closed quarries in Mysore region ,fills the gap a little. But due to enormous demand, customers are willing to settle to less darker warangal black.

There is a huge demand for antique black slabs and flamed brushed and leather finishes with heavy treatment. So hitherto not much in demand materials like Mist black, DC black from warangal region started getting good demand and the quarries which were closed due to lack of demand, getting a new lease of life.

For Tombstones, source of supply is shifting from Tamilnadu (especially TAMIN) to Khammam and Mysore regions as there seems to be no solution for The EC issue the quarries in TN are facing.decreased availability of quality blocks of premium type black coupled with huge transportation cost , puts a heavy stress on the margin of tombstone units.

Availability of Benagl black is also stressed due to shut down  of Many quarries in Chitoor , sholingar and Bireddipalli region. There is shift towards replacing Bengal black medium dark black of Warangal (W black).