Granite Catalogue 2020

Monday, April 16, 2018

Super Dark Bengal Black- II

More Blocks -Bigger in size are marked and being shipped in April for our Key clients in Europe . Going forward we may get about 40 CBM a month. This is the darkest  of the Bengal black family

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Super Dark Bengal Black

Our Regular Offering of Extra Dark Blocks of G20 Bengal Black has become more darker. Comparable with the darkness of any Jet black material with signature .

The availability of Dark Bengal Black is getting scarce every week. from April 1st all prices of G20 is revised upwards from quarry by 10-18 % . We have No option to pass on part of the increase to our customers. Seeking support from all our customers on this. we will continue to support with Top quality  consistent material .

Indian Juparana Blocks

This Timeless Classic material is available for exports as Blocks and Slabs .
This is from Government quarry, with suitable pattern (wavy) for Tombstones and Kitchen tops

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Various Colour slabs in 2 cm

To make our bsuiness more colourful (literally) we have started offering many mor e colours and 2/3 slabs too.

few of our current offering are listed

Ivory Bahama

Bash Paradiso

Black Forest

Himalayan Blue 

New Imperial Gold


 Surf Green
 Viscont white