Granite Catalogue 2020

Friday, September 22, 2017

W Black/Warangal Black

V.Red Granite

Our Next exclusive offering is a RED Granite from Tamilnadu. V.RED is our new name.

  • Hard material, suitable for both Building and tombstones
  • available in large quantity -100 + cbm in month
  • Nearer to Port, So FOB price will be cheaper than Multi red or Ruby Red
  • uniform material so, no surprise after cutting. No cracks or blemishes. 

PP5 Black Granite

Another exclusive offering from AAPT (Untill June 2018)

Salient features of this quarry

  • One of the very few Black granite quarry currently in operartion inTamilnadu . Most of the quarries are shut for want of Environmental clearance
  • excellent polish with/without EPOXY
two shades are currently produced, one for direct polishing and much suitable for tombstone. The other is of greyish black and becomes darkest black when applied with epoxy, most suitable for indoor application
  • No Golden dot
  • available in all sizes
  • Reasonably priced