Granite Catalogue 2020

Monday, July 31, 2017

Viscont white Blocks

Hack's Eye- Red Granite Blocks

We have started offering a Good ,defect free Red Granite blocks to our buyers from August 2017

salient features of this Red material

  • Available in Bulk quantity...Can offer 200 CBM/Month
  • Consistant colour, Crack free.
  • Hard material suitable for both Tombstones and building application
  • Can take Neutral and Pigmented Epoxy
  • Excellant pattern under leather Finish
  • Most competitively priced Red In India
  • Economical Cost of transportation as it is available only 200 KM from Chennai.
  • All sizes available Tiles, slabs, Gangsaw etc

New Zimbabwe Black /Warangal B Black Granite Blocks

We are offering new material , similar to Zimbabwe B Material at economical price and Big size.