Granite Catalogue 2020

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Ivory Brown - Shivakashi

Ivory brown is the higher end variant of Shivakashi material with deeper contrast between foreground and background.It is one of the most expensive material from India.we have been offering this material to our premium clients , as Blocks and slabs

Saturday, November 21, 2015

3cm Dark Bengal Black

We are the Largest producer and exporter of  Dark Bengal Black in 3 cm  the size ranges are
200cmX 90cm up, 240 cm X 120 cm up.;260cmX180 cm up. It's main usages are  for covering tombstone.

Dark Bengal Black (G20) Blocks October 2015 production

Blocks from October production - ready for shipment from TAMIN Quarry 

Friday, November 20, 2015

Bengal Black -slabs for monuments/Tombstone use

We are posting some more slabs photos from 6 cm Double side polished slabs. They are Polished with Diamond bricks, so that the Glaze won't fade away for many years. No Epoxy/Resin used,so when fabricated in to tombstone, the edges need no further treatment. They will look same as that of Top.They are squared in all sides, so that we can load maximum no of slabs in to the container.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Absolute Black- PP4

Currently  many quarries in Chamrajnagar area are not operating due to Environmental issue. So the supply of Absolute black Blocks has shrunken.

hence Panchapalli Black from tamilnadu (popularly known as PP4 black)  is becoming de facto absolute black. Now the Gold dots are also becoming less and less. even though they have to be resined, they take very deep dark shade after polishing with resins.

these black is widely exported to US, Spain, Latin America, East Asia , Germany & Italy as blocks and slabs,

I have posted the blcoks and slabs of Absolute black we have processed.

Star Ruby Granite

Star Ruby, popularly known as Cat's eye is widely used for Tombstones, due to It's High density and Glossiness. It is one of the strongest material for any application. There are two types of Star Ruby (Brown and Red) and Brownish one is more premium than the Reddish type.

Now only 2 quarries are producing these blocks.Always in much demand.

Bengal Black -Standard - 6cm Double side Polished

This material is extensively used for monuments in East Europe. Photos are from the recent lot we are preparing for our clients. we can also offer this size in 7 and 8 cm.

Saturday, November 7, 2015


Photo of the Majestic Ivory Giblee........More like Astoria. shipped to our Prestigious Far east customer.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Ivory Fantasy (Pink)

We call this material as Ivory Pink fantasy.

we have processed 2 cm slabs about 140 Slabs. Pricing this aggressively to Promote .

River white-Classic

River white is currently the most famous white granite from India. Only 2 quarries are producing them currently .
The most sought after Granite from India. Only limited availability in 3 cm. quick shipment

for price write to me