Tuesday, February 10, 2015

White Granites of India

Lot has happened from the time Kashmir white quarries have been closed. we briefly update the current scenario.

  • River white -produced by TAMIN quarries is the closest substitute for the Kashmir white . there are two quarries run by TAMIN and one quarry run by a private company. suitable for 3 cm. because of many surface pitting and scaling , this material has to be heavy resined. not suitable for flamming. Hot product in US market and south america

  • Colonial white quarry: the erst white block buster" Colonial Gold" has become white ,when the mining went deeper.Three private quarries operate in Karur/Namakkal district . Hot product currently in US market

  • Viscont white : Not a Pure white but a mix of white/grey and black.  Currently one specific material with Broad waves become a Hit. The Big Zig Zag or wavy pattern makes this material look like a Piece of art. Popular in Europe and US & Australia
Viscont white Classic.

Viscont white Broad waves.

  • One quarry operated by TAMIN produces Amba white. quantity is very much limited.It is stronger than River white very closer to Kashmir white

  • From Vizag sector , materials like 2010 white(K-White), Moon white , Chida white, Jasmine white are medium range white materials popular in Middle east markets.they are usually economical and have a bluish backround

  • White Galaxy, is an Off white big grained "kashmir white look alike". but not consistant.

  • There is a New Kashmir white Material produced in Kerela -only limited quantity available It is offwhite with same garnet speckles of Kashmir. pattern to 99% closer to kashmir white.
  • Still there so seems to be no clarity on whether Kashmir white quarries will ever reopen. News are ripe that many blocks which are confiscated may be actioned in the coming month. .


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  3. What's the difference between amba white granite and Kashmir white? Are the from the same material?

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