Granite Catalogue 2020

Friday, February 27, 2015

Imperial White -premium

Imperial white is the most premium material ,going from India. only 10% of the block produced are of first choice (without Pink stain)

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Black galaxy Strips -Premium Quality

We are processing machine polished Strips of Black Galaxy Premium grade. It has got the advantage of

1)Same thickness of Gang saw processed slabs 20 mm
2) same degree of the polish of Big slabs processed in gang saw polishing machine 90 Degree up, as we use the automatic line polishing
3) It is still much cheaper than the Gang saw Slabs
4)Since we cut them in a Multi Blade sawing machine, the thickness is uniform like Gangs aw slabs.

so, finally there is a product offering which has got every advantage of a Big Gang sawn slab, yet available at a much cheaper price

we carefully hand pick the slabs according to buyer's requirement.We have a separate team to take care of post production finishing, like cleaning the slabs, applying ager, careful packing etc.

Various Black Granite Slabs processed by Us.

Bengal Black dark, Absolute Black, premium Black and Black galaxy slabs for export market. we operate two black granite quarries (absolute black and Bengal black) and tied up with 2 more quarries for continuous supply of Premium black and Black galaxy blocks.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Bengal black Dark

Slabs of 5 cm and 6 cm prepared out of Dark bengal black for European market

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Bengal Black-Latest News

There is an unexpected shortage of Bengal black material, owing to closure of few small quarries and two big quarries in the recent time.

New Kashmir white Blocks

We are processing the closest colour of the classic Kashmir white. They are hard. No possibility of Rusting.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Shivakashi Granite slabs and Blocks

Shivakashi is a Generic term ,which denotes one or all of the following colours produced from the same quarry in Shivakashi area of Tamilnadu.

a) Shivkashi Yellow- or classic Shivakashi material
b) Shiva Pink
c) Shiva Gold
d)Ivory brown.

This material is the much prized and one of the most sought out Indian colour granite for counter tops and Tiles.

Ivory brown is the most premium grade of Shivakashi and it will have a deep contrast between Ivory background and brown foreground.

Given below the various pictures.we can supply Big blocks and medium blocks in containers. also can supply slabs in 2 and 3 cm in Shivakashi, Shivagold, Ivory brown.

we alsways keep stock of blocks for cutting gang saw slabs at short notice.

White Granites of India

Lot has happened from the time Kashmir white quarries have been closed. we briefly update the current scenario.

  • River white -produced by TAMIN quarries is the closest substitute for the Kashmir white . there are two quarries run by TAMIN and one quarry run by a private company. suitable for 3 cm. because of many surface pitting and scaling , this material has to be heavy resined. not suitable for flamming. Hot product in US market and south america

  • Colonial white quarry: the erst white block buster" Colonial Gold" has become white ,when the mining went deeper.Three private quarries operate in Karur/Namakkal district . Hot product currently in US market

  • Viscont white : Not a Pure white but a mix of white/grey and black.  Currently one specific material with Broad waves become a Hit. The Big Zig Zag or wavy pattern makes this material look like a Piece of art. Popular in Europe and US & Australia
Viscont white Classic.

Viscont white Broad waves.

  • One quarry operated by TAMIN produces Amba white. quantity is very much limited.It is stronger than River white very closer to Kashmir white

  • From Vizag sector , materials like 2010 white(K-White), Moon white , Chida white, Jasmine white are medium range white materials popular in Middle east markets.they are usually economical and have a bluish backround

  • White Galaxy, is an Off white big grained "kashmir white look alike". but not consistant.

  • There is a New Kashmir white Material produced in Kerela -only limited quantity available It is offwhite with same garnet speckles of Kashmir. pattern to 99% closer to kashmir white.
  • Still there so seems to be no clarity on whether Kashmir white quarries will ever reopen. News are ripe that many blocks which are confiscated may be actioned in the coming month. .

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Ivory Bahama- Exclusive Material

We are Glad to introduce Bahama Ivory Exclusive material an exotic Indian Granite to our customers.

It is an Art in Granite, Connoisseur's Delight., pleasing to the eyes of the stone mason & architects.we can supply this material as Block, slabs (2 and 3 cm) and Tiles . It takes very high degree of Polishing. It is also stronger hence no need to use Fibre net backing.