Granite Catalogue 2020

Monday, June 30, 2014

Colonial white 3 cm

Another beautiful , hot selling Indian white granite. we have processed 40 slabs of 3 cm in Jumbo size. This is produced from the same quarries from where colonial Gold blocks are produced. while the 3-4 layers were colonial gold, below 5th layer from ground most deposits are Colonial white granite.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Indian Juprana

we shipped 3 containers of Indian Juprana. Only one quarry is operating currently.  both small and big blocks available in limited volumes. slabs in 2/3 cm also can me supplied in any size. Tiles enquiry too welcome

Paradiso Classic

Our new production for Europe. 3/5/6/8 cm slabs 2 containers are under processing

Standard bengal Black

This is not as dark as Dark bengal (G20). But it is a uniform medium dark material, very well suited for Tombstone slabs. our recent shipment is depicted below

Monday, June 9, 2014

White Galaxy -Blocks and Slabs

We have few blocks of white Galaxy material for export as blocks. we can also cut them in to 2/3 cm . White galaxy is Popular as an alternative material for Kashmir white. The tone (colour) of both Kawshmir white and White galaxy are similar, but White galaxy slabs will have distinctive garnet spots (Bigger than Kashmir white/Ampa white). Enclosed few pictures