Granite Catalogue 2020

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Shiva Black or S- Black

S- bengal black (Shiva black)

It is a variation of Bengal black The characteristic is that it will have slightly more lighter spots . Good background colour with uniformity. Again quarried in Chitoor district of Andra pradesh State

availability also good.

Kuna Black

This is one of the deepest coloured black granite quarried inm the state of Tamilnadu. I guess the name is the corruption of kunnam black or intended to mimic the famous Kunnam black granite. But the Kuna black quarry is actually about 180 Km away from Kunnam black quarry

But the grain size colour depth etc are all similar to Kunnam black. . giving below some blocks marked recently

Very much suitable for headstone,. Needless to say it is a premium material and costs a lot.