Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Kashmir White -Interesting facts

Kashmir White

As Bengal black is not qurried in Bengal, Kashmir white too is quarried down south in Tamilnadu.

World wide many Big Projects came up using this granite. Istanbul, Mumbai, Bangalore airports  are few examples.

Last year State Government started severe crack down on Illegal quarrying in Madurai sector. Along with Illegal mining all legal mining (including Government mines) were also closed due to severe curbs. Suddenly every one associated with granite in this part of the world become " un touchable".

This material, once availed in abundance suddenly become scarce. Now No one is able to offer this classic material . But demand for this material has not faded. The Chinese factories, who has stocked this material before the quarry crack down, made a wind fall gain by offering at exorbitant prices to the international markets.

Look alike materials like Amba white, River white Etc, are selling like hot cakes now. Some time this materials are costing as High as 1100$ a CBM . Very few quarries ( I think 1 Private and 2 Government) are producing this materials (river white and Amba White).

Far way from Madurai ( about 1200 KM away) near Vizag few quarries are producing white colour granites. Most of them are not as beautiful as Kashmir white. But One outstanding material we recommend to customers are C.White or Chita white. They are more uniform. Suitable for projects ,Counters and stair works. We have made shipments to South America and Europe and they have been received well.

I am giving below some Blocks and slabs of this material. This may not be a suitable material for Tombstone as this is not very hard.

Blocks of Big size can be supplied for exports  in sizes 240 X 120 up and below sizes. Slabs are avilable in 2 and 3 cm in sizes 260X160 up.

Until Kashmir white quarries re-start (which is unlikely in the next 6 months) this is the best and effective substitute.

recently another white (rather creamy material called Antique white/Cream is gaining popularity. we have added the photo below

for more details on this material and other Indian granites please write to me at :  ramyuva@gmail.com

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