Granite Catalogue 2020

Saturday, April 27, 2013

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Supreme Black

This is the Darkest Black in India and quarried from world famous Kunnam area. Main use of these blocks are -memorials

Japanese are facinated by this extra dark and almost zero sized grains with excellent polish taking ability. So almost 90% of the materials quarried is either shiiped as memorials or as raw block to Japan.

The blocks are small in size . but uniform in all direction and very dark.

Other possible applications apart from Japanese monuments are Headstone for European tombs, vases,
sculpting works and plaques. main sizes are

0.3 CBM and below
0.3- 0.5 CBM/ stone
0.5CBM and above/stone
1.0 CBM and above

rarely we will get a Big block in excess of 5 CBM

It is one of the most expensive Blocks in India. There are 4 quarries running in this area to produce this supreme Black. Total annual production would be not more than 500 CBM all quarries put together.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Jet Black Granite 

It is a Dark black with Medium sized granite. The difference between absolute black and Jet black is , jet black can be polished in edges without applyying any colouring agent. The colour of Top polish and edge will be the same

The main difference between Bengal Black and Jet black is, while Bengal black has white/green dots throughout the surfaces, Jet black will not have any white/green dots. It is very much liked for Tombstones and engraving work. It is also very hard material and hence takes fantasic polish many times more than 100 Deg on Gloss meter.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Today we are presenting another beautiful material. which is called Royal Black granite. It is also called Black star. Now I post the photo of Blocks and later we will post the photos of slabs.