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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bengal Black 2 cm and 3 cm slabs for Building /construction/Counter Tops

This material is Darker than San Gabriel granite and Preto of Brazil. But Less compared to Nero absoluto.
This is a widely used building material in France, Germany, Latin American countries and US. We can offer this material in Polished , Flammed, Honned and Brushed finishes. Can also offer water jet finish on this.

Enclosed the photos of the latest Lot we have processed.

Monday, February 25, 2013

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New Bengal Black

This is the most common form of Bengal black. It has got more lighter spots than the Original Bengal Black. All other characteristics are similar to Bengal Black. Enclosed the 60X60 tile out of this material

Dark Bengal Black

Dark Bengal Black is a Rarity among all types of blacks. It is a much prefred and very much sought out material for Tombstone makers and Builders

recently we have processed a Good lot to a Eastern European client and this material turned out to be a very dark Bengal black.

We will load some more images later today pertaining to this shipment.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

More info on Bengal Black

More info about Bengal Black

Specific density of this material is 2.97Mt/CBM making it one of the hardest material. also it does not absorve moisture hence very difficult to modify the colour.

In Middle east  it is popular known as G20 and in Egypt market and Turkey called as Double Black.

In Many Southern European countries it is also known as economical black

The following Photos are taken from our recent shipment to a East European Customer

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Bengal Black granite

Bengal Black

Bengal black is beautiful black granite with grey/white/green tiny dots. There is no connection between  the state of Bengal and this granite. It is quarried in the border areas of the state of Tamilnadu and Andrapradesh.

Feature of this granite : This is a Hard granite ,capable of taking high degree of Polishing. Unlike most of other Indian black granites, this material cannot be doped. That is the colour of this material cannot be darkened using epoxy resin or or pigments.

Usage : The dope resisting quality of this granite makes it most suitable for tombstone application.
since the South African impala availability became very scare, many tombstone fabricators in Europe ,Korea and Japan started using this as a more consistent material for tombstone for extreme cold conditions.  This is also used for making counter tops. In continental Europe there is good demand for brushed finish of this material.

Availability : There are 30 + quarries operating in South India claims they produce this material. However there is lot of variation among most of them .

Dark Bengal Black :Some has got really darkground without having any white foreground. Currently such material is rarely found in any quarry

Bengal Black : is the material with fair distribution of green/white dots set in a dark black background.

New Bengal black : Here the distribution of the white/green/grey spots are more than the previous two.

Pricing : Currently prices of Bengal black blocks  are ruling high . the reasons are
a) Increased demand for Rough Blocks for export from Taiwan, Thailand, Italy & Vietnam
b) Most of the quarries are two small producing between 30-100 CBM/month. rendering the production high expensive
c)Increased diesel price by the Government


Available sizes

220-260 X 90-110X 3 cm,5,8,10 , 12 and 15 cm. 18 cm cube available for making vases.
240X120 up X3, 5, 6,8
260X160up X3,5,6,8,12,15 cm single/two side polished
260X160 up in 2 cm for Building and kitchen top making
180up X 60 up X 2 cm for commercial usage 

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