Granite Catalogue 2020

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dark Bengal Black Blocks -small sizes

Dark Bengal Black Blocks n small sizes

We have Small blocks in dark Bengal black popularly known as G20. Suitable for Tombstones. Giving below the blocks photos. we can supply about 30-40 CBM/Month

Friday, December 13, 2013

Bengal black 3 cm big slabs

Bengal black big slabs in 3 cm

recently, we have produced 3 cm big slabs for a European client. looks very good
Now are a processing 3 cm slabs in small strips ( of 200 X90 cm also ). we can offer both as sawn slabs and as polished slabs.

further for headstone we can supply 80 cm up X 100 cm up slabs ,polished one one or both sides in thickness of 5,6,7,8,10 and 12 cm. slabs can be supplied either as random or with squared edges.

please contact or for a quote

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Shiva Black or S- Black

S- bengal black (Shiva black)

It is a variation of Bengal black The characteristic is that it will have slightly more lighter spots . Good background colour with uniformity. Again quarried in Chitoor district of Andra pradesh State

availability also good.

Kuna Black

This is one of the deepest coloured black granite quarried inm the state of Tamilnadu. I guess the name is the corruption of kunnam black or intended to mimic the famous Kunnam black granite. But the Kuna black quarry is actually about 180 Km away from Kunnam black quarry

But the grain size colour depth etc are all similar to Kunnam black. . giving below some blocks marked recently

Very much suitable for headstone,. Needless to say it is a premium material and costs a lot.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Bengal Black 3 cm slabs

We have able to provide 200 cm X 90 cm x 3 cm slabs in Bengal black -Standard and New bengal Black on regular basis

We offer best prices

Friday, September 20, 2013

Black Pearl - 2 cm slabs

Black pearl slabs, are most famous slabs for building applications such as counters and Tiles.We are regularly shipping this Black/Green/green mixed material to Our clients in 2 and 3 cm. This is not currently used for tombstone as this is not very hard as Bengal black and Vizag blue,

Premium Black

We have processed recently excellant Premium Black, which we sell to Poland market currently. We can supply them in 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,10 ,15 and 20 cm thickness in the following sizes


currently we are processing 2and 3 cm about 2 containers in size 270X170 sizes. .If interested contact to

Jungle Green

Jungle green is also called Vizag Green. It is another hard material, which we found is suitable for making Tombstone slabs. Besides it will be a great interior material for projects

here I am posting some slabs of them.

DD Black

DD  Black

Unlike regular Bengal Black, DD Bengal black is originating from another geographical location ( Warangal). It's salient features are

Very hard- harder than Bengal black
Grains are bolderand brighter
very slight greying background with black foreground- making  it suitable for Tombstone



Kitchen tops

Stair case


Cheaper than absolute black and Bengal black in pricing.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Verona fair

We will be displaying our range of products in Verona fair under "Aapt Distribution" name. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Indian Impala@ Regal Black

Indian Impala is more similar to Nero Impala of rustenburg. It is a combination of Black and grey mixed in various proportions. some Time when the Black and grey ar more "rounder" than irregular shape, It is called Regal Black. When it becomes irregular shape or oblique shape it is called Impala.

again this is a Monuments type material

some Impala material absorb, Black resin and can be made in to Absolute black, where as  most of the blocks do not take resin.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Paradiso Classic


Pardiso is one of the Hardest and most Popular Granite, preferred for making Tombstone. It;s wavy pattern with violet/Lilac/Grey/Black combination impresses every one. It takes excellent Polish

Available as Blocks, Slabs in 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10 Cm. Jumbo size in 300 X190X10 cm also available for East Europe Market

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Bengal black slabs for Tombstone

Today I am going to post our latest shipment Pictures of Bengal black slabs (thick 3 cm - 10 cm) we have done to one of the European country.

In last 3 days alone there were 150 visitors to our site. Thank you. I will be very happy if you write your suggestions to improve this blog to or

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Absolute Black- Varieties from India

World over, the first preferred choice for counter tops are Black ...specifically absolute black. The original absolute black was from Sweden. Later the Belfast black from South Africa was known as absolute black. After the advent of Zimbabwe black, the title went to them

few years back, It was Shanxi black from China, which was known as the best absolute black material.

Today available of shanxi black become scarce . Bulk of Absolute black material is quarried from India. there also there are several types of absolute black. I am narrating below some most popular "absolute blacks' from India

1.Warangal Black : Looks similar like Zimbabwe black, very hard. There are sub types here
Each quarry produces at least three out of the following 'four varieties.

Most dark: Very Dark, Mettalic tone whick stuck , finer grain. But there may be an occasional white vein pass through. This is the most premium variety of Black available in India. Fine grain, Dark colour, Metallic ringing sound (harder) and excellent polish taking ability

Dark : The grains are slightly bigger and from one angle (slab kept on standing position) white dots will be visible

DC: Rings of white dots  throughout the slabs. many time when som one sells "cheaper" absolute blck, It is mainly of this variety

D4 : It is  Big Grained  and medium dark, Hard and suitable for all tombstone and Building application. economical.

2. Khammam Black:  Khamam is also located in the state of Andra pradesh and near to Warangal. This material is also fine grained and darker. But available only in smaller sizes. So This is better for tiling application,( 60X 30, 60X60 etc). raw materials are mainly of boulder type

3.Kanigiri Black : This place is located near Ongole, material is Dark and medium grained. suitable for tiles and smaller slabs for vanity. Not suitable for tombstone as it takes very poor polish.

4.Nalagonda Black:  Medium Grained, medium coloured Black. Near Hyderabad. Not many quarries are operating now.

5.Chamraj Nagar Black : Chamraj nagar Black is mostly famous for all absolute black slabs. There are three varieties available. This place is located in Chamrajnagar District in the state of Karnataka

1. Absolute Black : Even after applying Black resin, material is only medium Black and medium sized grain

2. Premium Black :Without applying Resin, looks like impala and after applying resin, materials becomes darker and fine grained.

3. Ultimate Black : Fine grained and darker even before applying Resin.

These blocks are not as hard as Warangal Black but there are about 25 quarries producing around 1000 CBM of blocks every month for local as well as for export consumption.

The material , which originates from places like Ponnachi and Kothalwadi are apprecaied for their finer grains and darker colours. nearly 80 % of the all dark black slabs are exported out of these black only

6. Krishnagiri Black : These are the Black grainte originates from the district of Krishnagiri in Tamilnadu. They widely differ on Grain pattern and colours. There are various places in this district and neighboring Dharmapuri district which produces plenty of medium colored Black granite , popularly called as K Black and absolute black.

a) Panchapalli : Popularly known as Super Black or PP4. This material is medium grained , dark colour. With Resin , they produce one of the finest polished slabs. many people use them for tombstones too

b) Puligonda: Look like Impala without resin. Grains are Bigger than PP4. But cheaper. Gold dots occur occasionaly.

\c) Pennagaram : Hard Black, medium colour and fine grain. Used for Japanese Tombstones

7) Mettur Black : This area black are smaller in size but are Darker in colour and finer in Grains. Very Expensive currently. Only Government owned quarries are successful

e) Vilupuram District : World Famous Kunnam Mines are located in this place only. Very dark and fine grained materials are quarried from places like Kunnam, Thiruvakarai and nearby areas.

f) Thiruvannamalai : There are few small quarries operating out of this district, which produces some fine black material .Mainly Tombstone blocks are produced.

I will try to post the pictures of slabs and blocks of the above varieties soon. I have posted below the pictures of K Black from Panchapalli (PP4) variety.

Since we are well versed with all types of above black granite , we will able to guide our customers to choose the best black granite for his application and budget.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Gabro Indiana @ Spice black

Spice Black is an Indian Gabro. it is called by several names such as Spice black, Gabro Indiana, Spike black, G.Black etc.

It is relatively softer than Bengal black and a dimensional stone.Suitable for both Monumental and construction purpose.

We offer this material as Blocks and slabs in all dimensions.

Hassan Green @ Verde Star

Hassan Green is also Known as Verde Star in Europe. It is an all purpose material used both for building purposes as weel as for Tombstone making purpose. It is Dimensional stone uniform in all directions.

Available as blocks & slabs

Bengal black -blocks small sizes

We are exporting continuously Bengal black Blocks . Publishing some of the photos of the blocks sent recently. If you are interested in Bengalblack granite blocks. mail us at to get competitive offer and prompt delivery.

Indian Aurora

Indian Aurora is similar looking granite to famous Aurora Granite from Sweden. Indian Aurora is a Hard Granite and most suitable for making Tombstone and monuments.

It is very famous in Germany, Hungary,Poland, Czech and Slovakia.. We can offer slabs in 2, 3,4,5,6,7,8,10 and 12 cm thickness up to a size of  300X180 cm

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bengal Black slabs in 3 cm

We are Glad to offer 3 cm slabs of Bengal Black at competitive rates in the following sizes

1) 200 X 90 cm X 3 cm
2) 220 X 110 cm x 3 cm
3) 240 X 130 cm up X\ 3cm
4) 240 X 160 cm up X 3 cm

Loadability 280 sqm in one 20'fcl. Very attractive prices. Suitable for making economical tombstones.