Granite Catalogue 2020

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Monument made from our G20 Blocks


Beautiful creations  out of our G20/dark Bengal Material

Very good substitute for W black or Abs. Black as there is no need for Epoxy resin pigment. Direct polish . There is no double colour risk like in warangal black. No wonder  why this material is in Great demand among buyers in Poland, Serbia, Croatia, Italy, Portugal, Vietnam and china  as preferred material for making monuments and in Holland,  Belgium . US , France, Taiwan, & Thailand as preferred material for slabs

all these models were made to Europe with G20 Black (dark bengal black) at our Pondicherry factory.

Absolute Black Granite Blocks

we are offering Absolute Black Granite blocks - code KVP from TAMIN It is quarried in state of Tamilnadu By TAMIN and  Aapt is the authorized selling company for Dark materials from this quarry.

these blocks are defect free, hard surface brownish background and good for tombstones . there are two shades we offer  Extra dark - Dark material with deep black hue direct polish. Medium dark ,dark material with mild grey hue -good for direct polish and  Black pigmented polish (premium black finish)

Blocks are coming from 0.25 cbm per block to Jumbo Gangsaw sizes and we regularly ship them to our European customers.

Virgin Blue/Silk Blue /Minister Blue


Virgin Blue material from Vizag . No garnet unique pattern makes it the King of Vizag Blue materials. 

we are offering 3 types of Vizag Blue to our customers

1. Virgin Blue - No garnet/red spots - King of all Blues for monument making 

2. Dark Vizag blue - Brilliant Blue with deep dark shade- Popularly called Bahama Blue

3. Medium Blue - DR or designer Blue - most trusted blue for tombstone 

few Virgin Blue materials here

This virgin Blue is also called under several names such as Minister Blu, Silk Blue ,Orion Blue etc.

dark Bengal Black - G20 from Blocks November 2021


The star offering from Aapt- G20  dark  - few images of latest blocks. well dressed....maximum loading in container .